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Holiday Awareness Tip 2
Holidays are Coming Prepare tip of the week begins
Self Defense Class
Loved my CCW class!
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October 2014

Holiday Awareness Tip 2

Hello Everyone,
   This week we will talk about the advantages of parking your vehicle in a public place. first of all the question. Which is better to park close to the door or just park where you can find a spot? This is the question we ask ourselves during the busy holiday rush. Are you the type of person that drives around to find the right parking spot or shop so early you are there when the doors open. I personally never let that worry ever bother me. I shop when I need and park wherever I can.

Holidays are Coming Prepare tip of the week begins

Holiday Preparedness tip of the week
We will be posting tips that will help your holidays be the best you can have by staying alert and staying alive. Check us out every week and let us know what you think.
Week 1 overview
Now that the Time of years is creeping up on us lets not let the predators of thieves "Creep up on us". Be aware of your surroundings when out shopping and parking at the malls. Too many victims become a victim just by not paying attention. The years of Law Enforcement and Military training always keeps me looking for trouble but when we go about our everyday lives things can happen.
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